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terça-feira, 5 de agosto de 2014

FIG BILBAO - Espanha

Prepares the launching of the third edition that will be celebrated from November 20th to the 23rd in Bilbao.

This third edition represents a qualitative leap forward for the festival, reinforces its structure and international impact. It positions itself definitely on the art of printing. Victor del Campo, joins the FIG team as new Director and Art Curator of the 2014 International Print Fair. The fair introduces new sections that benefit the meeting among collectors, organizers, office print directors, critics, specialists, artists, galleries, editors, workshops and specially meeting point with the general public.

The most important cultural and artistic Institutions of the city of Bilbao are getting prepared, during the month of November, scheduling in its venues activities related to the art of printing and the editions of art on paper.

Collateral events, exposition areas, utopian projects like the exposition- competition section “The paper of the temptations”, educational workshops, and camera expositions complete the framework for an excellent opportunity to promote your gallery, encouraging art collecting, creating the greatest point of sale of graphic art and antique and contemporary art editions on paper.

The deadline is near,
don´t lose this opportunity!

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