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quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2018

Second Xuyuan International Print Biennial - China

The SecondXuyuan International Print Biennial, hosted by the Beijing Xuyuan InternationalPrint Research and Creation Center which is the largest print workshop inChina, will start in the end of December 2018 and run for three months. The aimis to promote international prints, and to examine the concepts and outcomes ofmodern society. It will bring international artists together to contemplateissues in printmaking, and to build a bridge of communication between globaldiversification and local tradition.

The call forentries starts from early May 2018 to August 31, 2018, and is open to worldwideparticipants. Print exhibitions and academic activities will run alongside theevent. For more information please see the official website
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Ⅰ. Name of BiennialThe Second Xuyuan InternationalPrint Biennial China 2018

Ⅱ. Committeeand judges
President ofOrganizing Committee
      President of the Organizing Committee:
Jiang Xingdao(China Woodblock Print Foundation Limited)

Qiu Zhijie(Director of Experimental Art School, Central Academy of Fine Arts of China)

President ofthe international jury:
Daniel Sluse(President of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Liège)

Member of theCommittee:
Su Xinping(Vice President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts of China)

GERMANY: AnnaBulanda-Pantalacci
(ProfessorHead of Cultura Affairs at the University of Applied Sciences Trier.)

(Importantgallery owner in Milan Italy Galleria Rubin)

(Publicrelations experience for fashion. Writer.)

ITALY:Vittoria Coen
(Curator ofexhibition - Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera Milan.)

BELGIUM:Régine Rémon
(1st CuratorMuseum of Fine Arts of Liège.)

RUSSIA:Alexandra Dementieva
(Speaker atthe Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels.)

FRANCE: MarcPartouche
(Director ofthe National School of Decorative Arts of Paris)

Ⅲ. Opening Date,Location, Total number of artwork
Opening Date:
       pre-selection from 25 to 29 September2018.
          International jury from 26 to 30 November 2018.
Award ceremony December 2018.
Exhibition: May 2019
Location:Beijing, Nanjing&Ji'nan
Total numberof artworks: Around 200
Ⅳ. Regulations forParticipants:
1. TheBiennial invites artists from all of the world to send their original prints.There is no region or age restriction, no charge of any fees for registrationor participation.
2. Submittedworks are limited to 3-5 original prints on paper, and should be created in theyear of2016et/ou 2017.All kinds of print (except digital print), print techniques and themesare accepted.
3. Themaximum paper size of each print is 200cmheight×360cmwidth, and the minimum picture sizeof each print is 30cmheight× 30cmwidth.The requirement of size is also applicable for each print in a set.
4.Download application form from official in the form and send imagesof 3-5 works in the form of PDF to before August 31, 2018. Any formssent after this deadline will not be accepted. All these submitted informationwill not be returned but will be archived.
Note: 1Thefile size for each image inserted in the PDF file should be between 2-5 MB.Please make sure thatthe image is sharp and true representation of the print.
    2Please fill in the electronicforms clearly. Make sure the spelling is correct and there are no missingblanks.
5. Thecommittee will start selecting works in the early September 25 to 29, 2018.Successful artists will be informed before October 10. The result will bepublished on Xuyuan’s official website.
6. Theartists who have been selected should only send works which have been approvedand selected by the committee through the digital pre-selection process. Thecommittee will refuse the works which are not approved or selected.Furthermore, the committee will not be held responsible for keeping orreturning these unselected works.
7. All theworks should be signed by the artists. Works will be framed by the committee,so artists do not need to frame or mount their works.
8.The artistsshould be responsible for the postage as well as the insurance cost for sendingthe works to the committee, while the committee will pay the postage and theinsurance cost for returning them. The committee is not responsible for anydamages during packing (by the artists) or transportation.
9. Insurance of the works during the exhibition will be paid by the committee. The committeewill not be liable for damage caused by forces that are beyond human control.
10. To findmore information about work collection and selection, please see the followingwebsite:Xuyuanofficial / Xuyuan official WeChatXUYUAN-Modern

Ⅴ. Application and Selection
1. IF THE WORK IS SELECTED, artists should send the selected work and signed applicationform to the appointed address (see below) best before November 10, 2018.
Note: 1PleaseSign your name at ‘Signature’ of the application form.
    2Please write down your referencenumber which the committee will have sent you on the outside of your parcel.For oversea artworks, it should be marked with 'for exhibition only, nocommercial purposes’.
2. Thecommittee will reevaluate the original works, and then come to a finalconclusion in early from 27 to 30 November 2018. The result will be sent to theawarded artist via email with an invitation, meanwhile, published on theofficial website in the mid of September 2018.
Ⅵ. Prizes
1. For thisbiennial, there will be one Special Award. The sponsors will collect the workwith paying 15,000 US dollars of collection fees (before tax with China tax).According to ‘the people's Republic of China on individual income tax law’ third  provisions, the individual should a pay taxrate of 20% of personal income tax. This artist will receive certificates ofaward and collection and will be invited to the opening ceremony of exhibitionand academic seminar. The organizer will pay for board and lodging (familymembers and friends of the artist are not included), transportation will not beincluded.
2. All theother artists will receive certificates if their works being selected. And theorganizer will choose a part of the selected works for a paid collection, witha price negotiated with the authors. Besides, the works being selected can alsobe sold or donated after the consultation between the artists and theorganizer. When the itinerant exhibition is finished, the organizer will contactthem so as to return their works within one month, which is calculated fromDecember 31, 2016.
3. All theexhibited works will be included in this biennial artwork catalogue, compiledby the entire organizer, and published by the People’s Fine Arts PublishingHouse  in Beijing. The artists whoseworks are selected into this collection will receive one publication.
4. Theorganizer will select artists with potentials to cooperate with, will sign acontract and invest in their creation.

Ⅶ. Others
1. The organizerwill have the right to use images of the selected works for publicity, notexclusively but for example in websites, brochures, and other publishedformats, for the aim of promotion, distribution and education. The sponsor alsohas the right to publish the works in appropriate media in the long term.
2. Thecommittee will have the right to take photos of the selected work and to usethese photos, as well as to use the personal information submitted by theartists in the application form.
3. The organizerwill have the final interpretation of the biennial rules and regulations.Artists that take part in the biennial will have been considered to have agreedto all above rules and regulations.

. Contact us
Address: Print Biennial Office, XuyuanCo., Ltd. District D, No. 1 Park D, Art Institute, He Ge Zhuang Village, Cui GeZhuang Town, Chao Yang District, Beijing, China.  
Recipient : Wang Feng +86-13910985358         Zip Code: 100103
Tele.Fax:+86(10) 84702629           
Xuyuan officialwebsite       OfficialWeChat: XUYUAN-Modern

Committee of Xuyuan International PrintBiennial
April 2018

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