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sábado, 11 de junho de 2016

8 Encontro Paulista de Museus - Redes e Sistemas de Museus: Ações Colaborativas

Fórum Permanente; museus de arte: entre o público e o privado

Nos dias 13, 14 e 15 de junho, em São Paulo, acontecerá o 8 Encontro Paulista de Museus. Esse encontro configura-se hoje como o maior evento do setor museal paulista, reunindo profissionais de museus, gestores públicos de cultura, estudantes e interessados. Neste ano, o tema proposto que permeará todas as atividades será "Redes e Sistemas de Museus: Ações Colaborativas". As inscrições para participação no evento estão abertas! Acesse a programação e outros documentos relacionados. Leia mais...
O Encontro Paulista de Museus-EPM é realizado desde 2009, pela Secretaria de Estado da Cultura, por meio do Sistema Estadual de Museus (SISEM-SP). O Fórum Permanente realiza, desde a primeira edição do EPM, a cobertuda crítica, que consiste em transmissão ao vivo do primeiro dia do evento, com a subsequente produção de relatos críticos e registros em vídeo das mesas e dabates. Todo esse material desta edição e das anteriores pode ser acessado pelo site do Fórum Permanente.

Edições Anteriores:
Equipe Fórum Permanente; museus de arte: entre o público e o privado.
Forum Permanente's Team; art museums between: the public and private domain.
Cobertura Crítica
Fórum Permanente; museus de arte: entre o público e o privado
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Event Dates

The congress takes place from September 12, 2016 until September 16, 2016.


IAPMA is very excited to announce our first Congress in South America in Brazil!

Under the theme Nature, Diversity, & the Art of Paper, IAPMA members will convene in the capital city of Brasilia, 12 -16 September 2016, to participate in presentations, demonstrations, and exhibitions of paper art in this uniquely inspiring location. Hosted by member Dr. Therese Hofmann of the Universidade de Brasília, we will gather at the Cultural Centre Bank of Brazil to have an inspiring set of presentations and exhibitions of paper art in their galleries, as well as a Post-Congress Tour.

This is a wonderful opportunity to meet many new papermakers and paper artists from Brazil as well as other countries in South America, and to experience the unique papers and traditions of this part of the world. We hope you will join us in Brazil!

Visit the Congress website for up to date information about TRAVEL, ACCOMMODATIONS, CONGRESS FEE, and CALLS for ENTRY:


Brasilia is the captial city and seat of government of Brazil. Located in the Central Highlands, it was inaugurated in 1960 to serve as the new national capital, moving it from Rio de Janeiro to a more central location.
Brasília is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its modernist architecture and uniquely artistic urban planning which attracts architecture aficionados worldwide. Portuguese is the official language, but Spanish and English are also widely spoken. Brasilia has a population of roughly 2.5 million people and is an important transportation hub as well.

Universidade de Brasilia is a world-renowned research institution of 40,000 students.

Brasilia is considered a tropical savana, with a rainy season (October - April) and a dry season (May - September). In the dry season, there is very little rainfall and almost no mosquitoes.
September is springtime in Brasilia, with an average daily high temperature at 28C/83F degrees, and an average low at 16C/60F.

Travel to Brazil
Brazil requires a Tourist Visa in addition to passport for visitors from the following countries:
          United States
Please check with your country’s consular office for up to date information.
Or look up other travel details:


Dr. Therese Hofmann
at Universidade de Brasília
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro

Or visit the University Artisanal Paper website:

The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) is the world leading organisation for paper artists. It was founded in 1986 in Düren, Germany, when paper as an art medium was far less well-known than it is today. While paper history and production are one facet of the Association's activities, the central focus is paper role as art form and as a contemporary artistic medium.

The Association main objective is to facilitate an international exchange of artistic ideas and share information about hand papermaking and paper art. IAPMA aims to provide the opportunity for members to work together, collaborate on artistic projects and exhibitions, share solutions to technical problems, explore different paper-related cultural backgrounds, and encourage new approaches to paper arts. To this end, each year two Bulletins and four newsletters are produced: the newsletters provide information about exhibitions, publications, projects and techniques involving paper; the Bulletins are professionally produced magazines with handmade paper covers and samples which feature individual artists, papermakers and their ideas. All members are invited to share information with other members through the newsletters and Bulletins.
Currently, the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists has 451 members from34 different countries.