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terça-feira, 25 de novembro de 2014

ding musa equações - Galeria Raquel Arnaud - SP

Winter/Spring Workshops & Programs - Center for Contemporary Printmaking - Norwalk | CT | 06850

Dedicated to the Art of the Print

* 2015 Winter/Spring Workshops & Programs Brochure
Exhibition Opportunities
* Upcoming Workshops
* Artist Talk and Book Signing
Holiday Hours

Winter/Spring Workshops & Programs

The Center for Contemporary Printmaking has just published the 2015 Winter/Spring Workshop Brochure. CCP was established to support and encourage serious, emerging and professional artists in the creation of original prints.  In our latest publication, we are highlighting our higher level Master Classes and Special Programs in the front of the brochure. We also have carefully selected course offerings that will appeal to all levels of aspiring artists including lithography, etching, collagraph, linoleum block printing, silkscreen, bookmaking, and monotype, among other techniques.

CCP has evolved into a printmaking facility providing first-rate workshops, classes and master classes that are unequalled in other facilities throughout the United States and farther afield. 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of our doors opening.  To view the online listings of course offerings for 2015, click here.

Exhibition Opportunities

CCP is excited to offer several upcoming exhibition opportunities. The first is our2014 Cash and Carry Holiday Show, where members will have the opportunity to offer their works for purchase just when people are looking to find original works of art at reasonable prices.  Unframed works must be 22" x 30" or smaller, and will be hung using clips provided by the Center. Framed works should measure no more than 36" in any direction and be ready-to-hang. Works should be dropped off at the Center on Monday, December 15. As works sell, they will be taken home by buyers and additional works will replace them. Works under $500 are preferred, artists receive 50% of sale price and 50% will go to the support programs at the Center.  Entries limited to 2 per person.

The second opportunity arrives at the beginning of the new year with Kindred, our annual Members' Show. This exhibition is an exploration of family and the varied ways that we define it. Submitted works of art might deal with the complicated networks of dependence and support, identity and history, shared experience and unconditional love embedded in those familial relationships. This exhibition will explore how family experiences have influenced our lives and how we, at the same time, resist, reject or embrace it to build anew.  Works must be received by January 5, 2015. For more information, download the prospectus here.
CCP is dedicated to not only showcasing high quality original prints, but also to giving our members and the print community the opportunity to exhibit their works of art.
Upcoming Workshops

December 2 - December 16
Heather Varco, Untitled, Monoprint
with Heather Varco
Tuesdays, 10am - 2pm
3-week Workshop, limited to 8

The emphasis of this weekly workshop will be on miniature printmaking.  Under the guidance of Heather Varco, artists will incorporate the composition, medium and techniques of classic printmaking, including Monotype, Collagraph and Intaglio, into the miniature size.  Participants in this workshop will receive one free entry into the Biennial International Miniature Print Show at CCP in 2015.

December 9 - 12
with Christopher Shore
Tuesday - Friday, 10am - 4pm
4-day Workshop, limited to 8

January 10
Nomi Silverman
Saturday, 1pm-4pm
½ day workshop, limited to 6

Artist Talk and Book Signing
Join us Wednesday, December 10, 7-8:30pm for an evening with John Ross as he discusses the Clare Romano & John Ross: 70 Years of Printmaking exhibition.  John Ross will sign copies of their book, "The Complete Printmaker" that is available for purchase at the Center. The show is on display at CCP through December 14.

Holiday Hours
Please note the following hours for the coming holiday season.
  • Wednesday, November 26, 9am to 1pm
  • Thursday, November 27, Thanksgiving, Closed
  • Friday, November 28, Closed
  • Saturday and Sunday, November 28 & 29, Open
  • Wednesday, December 24, Christmas Eve, 9am to 1pm
  • Thursday, December 25, Christmas, Closed
  • Wednesday, December 31, New Year's Eve, 9am to 1pm
  • Thursday, January 1, New Year's Day, Closed

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splash 17 - inspiring subjects - chamada para aquarelas

November 25,2014
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What inspires your art? 
 Now accepting entries for Splash 17 Inspiring Subjects!
Early-Bird Deadline: December 1, 2014

Splash 17 Logo
 Share what inspires your art with the world! Enter the Splash 17 Inspiring Subjects competition today!

As artists, we’re moved to paint by a variety of subjects—whether they’re the faces we love, a rain-spattered windshield or a breathtaking landscape. Whatever subject sparks your creativity, we want to see it!

Winners will enjoy national recognition and be published in North Light Books’ hardbound showcase Splash 17: Inspiring Subjects.
Previous Winner

Early-Bird Deadline: December 1, 2014

Enter Online Now:

Submission Guidelines

 What are we looking for?

We will be looking for excellence and originality, as achieved via a variety of styles and subjects. The dominant medium must be watercolor, but minor use of other mediums is acceptable.

But what we really want is to be inspired. If it’s important to you, it’s important enough to share with us.


See last year’s winners here!
Previous Winners
 Art Credits: Next Bus to Torremolinos by Lynn Hosegood; Self Portrait/Perception by Christine Misencik Bunn; Timeless View by Cliff Mann
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Curatorial Program – Innovators Grant 2015

Curatorial Program – Innovators Grant 2015
Call for Submissions!
Following our aim to develop new strategies in curatorial practice and beyond, Node Center for Curatorial Studies Berlin is thrilled to announce the launch of theCuratorial program  Innovators Grant 2015, a new two-month long program to develop experimental learning methods in fields outside of art.
Dates: Autumn 2015 (exact dates to be confirmed)
Application deadline: 15 February, 2015
Duration: 2 months
Number of participants: 6
For further details and essential information please read here.
Through our Curatorial Program  Innovators Grant we will bring together six risky thinkers/makers willing to expand the use of art and curation. With the idea of looking out from an art perspective, we will explore through the Program how art practices can enrich and provide practical uses to education.
The Program will be held in Berlin, Germany, focusing on art-thinking rather than the art-object, applying the possibilities of art to education in other fields. By art-thinking, we are referring to strategies of knowledge that question the everyday, using intuitive, creative and poetic approaches to find different access points or pathways to known topics. 
For a two-month period we will work intensively through brainstorming sessions, research, adventures and experimentation. There is no set final outcome to the Program, we will instead collaborate together to develop imaginative manuals or strategic guides. It will be a hands-on program!
Node Center is an art organization focused on curatorial practice. We work to expand and challenge the current limits of art and curation to stimulate different ways of approaching these practices. During the past three years we have held eight curatorial residencies which drew together groups of curators to provide basic practical and theoretical skills. Each residency resulted in an exhibition and publication. We also have an ever-growing platform of online courses, bringing together participants worldwide. Now we take it a step further with the Curatorial Program – Innovators Grant.
 If you think this Program suits you, please check for requirements here before applying:

The Node Team

ressignificações - Miguel Gontijo - UFMG - MG

Curadoria Paulo da Terra Caldeira
Biblioteca Central da UFMG
Exposição: até 15 de dezembro de 2014.
Veja abaixo a reportagem da TV UFMG.


ateliê de portas abertas - AJA _ artes visuais - SP

Nesta terceira edição do Ateliê de Portas Abertas, estamos muito felizes de trazer até vocês um pouco mais da produção de fotografias, pinturas, desenhos e gravuras dos artistas da AJA_artes visuais Adalgisa Campos, Ana Calzavara , Anderson Rei, Augusto Sampaio, Fabricio Lopez, Marcia Cymbalista, Matheus Giavarotti, Paulo Penna e Otávio Zani Teixeira.

Desta vez contaremos com a presença especial de dois grandes amigos e artistas convidados: Andrea Tavares e David Magila.

Além disso, na ocasião, vamos lançar um álbum com imagens produzidas num processo coletivo por todos os artistas associados.

Sobre a AJA_artes visuais

A AJA_artes visuais é uma associação sem fins lucrativos que reune artistas em torno do objetivo de promover a formação, a produção e a difusão das artes visuais.
Mantém um ateliê coletivo com foco nos meios gráficos onde os associados desenvolvem suas pesquisas visuais, oferecem cursos e oficinas e realizam publicações e mostras coletivas.

Venha conhecer nosso espaço e participe das nossas atividades!

Saiba mais em:

segunda-feira, 24 de novembro de 2014

Faena Arts Center recebe inscrições para Prêmio de US$ 25.000

O Faena Arts Center de Buenos Aires, Argentina, recebe até 30/01/15 inscrições de projetos site-especific para o Faena Prize. O concurso é aberto a artistas de todo o mundo e premia o vencedor com de US$ 25.000, além de US$ 50.000 para financiar a produção do projeto, que será exibido em meados de 2015. Duas menções especiais vão receberão prêmio de US$ 1.000 cada. O vencedor do prêmio será escolhido por um júri internacional, que inclui Caroline Bourgeois curadora da François Pinault Foundation, Suíça; Rita González, curadora do Museu do Condado de Los Angeles of Art (LACMA), USA; Katie Sonnenborn, co-diretora da Escola Skowhegan de Pintura e Escultura, de Nova York; e Sonia Becce, renomada curadora independente argentina, sob supervisão de Ximena Caminos, diretora Executiva do Centro deArtes Faena. As propostas podem incluir instalações, performances, pinturas, esculturas, fotografias, trabalho enraizadas em design ou arquitetura, peças de filme ou vídeo, e todos os híbridos possíveis das disciplinas acima. Inaugurado em setembro de 2011 com a instalação "O Bicho Suspensona Paisagem" do brasileiro Ernesto Neto, que recebeu mais de 75 mil visitantes,o Faena Arts Center tem mais de 4.000 m² e estende como uma ponte cultural internacional para a capital portenha. O artista vencedor da edição 2012/2013 foi Franco Vico. Os formulários de inscrição, critérios, prazos e mais informações estão disponíveis em:

Fonte: Mapa das Artes

SP ESTAMPA 2015: 12 a 19 de maio de 2015

SP ESTAMPA 2015: 12 a 19 de maio de 2015

data limite para envio dos projetos: 02 de fevereiro de 2015
divulgação dos resultados: 10 de fevereiro de 2015
SP ESTAMPA 2015: 12 a 19 de maio de 2015
Para participar do SP ESTAMPA 2015 basta preencher o formulário anexo (em .docx ou PDF) com sua proposta e nos enviar por email.
Faça o download aqui.
O SP ESTAMPA é um evento organizado pela Galeria Gravura Brasileira que reúne galerias, ateliês, instituições e artistas que trabalham com a estampa sob todas as suas formas (gravuras, monotipias, stencil, lambe-lambe, múltiplos, livros de artista, álbuns de gravura, fanzines e outros procedimentos gráficos).

O SP ESTAMPA pretende estimular a criação de um circuito de espaços que trabalham com a estampa, mostrar aos visitantes a excepcional qualidade da gráfica nacional e ampliar o público interessado em artes visuais. Nas 4 primeiras edições tivemos a participação de muitos espaços e artistas de todo o Brasil e de um público numeroso de estudantes, colecionadores, interessados e artistas.

Fonte: SP Estampa

Pinacoteca prorroga inscrições para exposições na galeria em Bauru - SP

Pinacoteca prorroga inscrições para exposições na galeria em Bauru

Mostras inscritas serão expostas em 2015/ 2016.
Inscrição é gratuita e termina dia 30 de janeiro de 2015.

Foi prorrogado o prazo do cadastro para exposições de artes visuais a serem realizadas na Galeria Municipal de Arte "Angelina Waldemarim Messenberg" em Bauru (SP) para os anos de 2015 e 2016.

A Secretaria de Cultura recebe as inscrições das modalidades de pintura, gravura, desenho, objeto, escultura, fotografia, instalação, intervenções e obras que criem interfaces com mídias eletrônicas e digitais.

Paralelamente poderão ocorrer mostras de jovens artistas convidados e aqueles com trajetória consolidada, com exposições individuais ou retrospectivas, de acervos públicos ou privados, conforme a programação da secretaria cultura.

Poderão se inscrever artistas, individual ou coletivamente. A inscrição é gratuita e termina dia 30 de janeiro de 2015.

Outras informações podem ser obtidas de segunda a sexta-feira, das 9h às 12h e das 14h às 17h na Casa Ponce Paz, que fica na Rua Antônio Alves, 9-10, Centro.

Fonte: G1 Bauru e Marília - 16/11/2014