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terça-feira, 30 de junho de 2015

escultura aérea de Janet Echelman - Boston - EUA

Arch2O-Boston Aerial Sculpture-002
Echelman describes her sculpture’s form as echoing through the history of its location, adding: “The three voids recall the ‘Tri-Mountain’ which was razed in the 18th-century to create land from the harbor. The colored banding is a nod to the six traffic lanes that once overwhelmed the neighborhood, before the Big Dig buried them and enabled the space to be reclaimed for urban pedestrian life.”
© Peter Vanderwarker
© Peter Vanderwarker
The sculpture appears to be floating above the traffic and the pedestrian park over which it resides, although the rope structure is delicately strong. The colors seem to play a very strong role in the presentation and in the effect of the installation, providing smooth and delicate additions to the aerial scene of the area.
© The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy
© The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy
By: Hazem Raad

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