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quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2015

the fifth annual exposure Photography Award

More opportunities for Exposure:
We are thrilled to announce the Special Curation Panel.

This year we are excited to include an amazing panel of notable Instagram photographers that are curating our weekly features email reaching over 650,000 people as well as Facebook albums shared with 360,000 people. 

The Official Jury Panel will be reviewing portfolios of photographers who have applied for the Exposure Award, offering a photo reception at the Louvre Museum in Paris, a $15,000 cash grant, global publicity and more.

To create, edit or upgrade your submission visit:

The Exposure Award Special Curation Panel 

Molly Cranna 


Robin Floberg 

Scott Rankin 

Kevin Russ 

Simone Bramante 

Ami Vitale 

Victoria Siemer 

Michael Christopher Brown 

Kirsten Alana 

Over the past five years, SeeMe & The Exposure Award has brought
recognition to photographers representing 191 different nations,
awarding over $1 million in awards and grants.

You are invited to join them. 

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Facebook / Twitter.

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