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quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2015

Art Forward Contests—My Art My Vision—Contest 2 Summer 2015

Art Forward Contests—My Art My Vision—Contest 2 Summer 2015


Call Type: Competitions
Eligibility: International
City: Worldwide
Fee: $35.00
Entry Deadline: 7/1/15
Days remaining to deadline: 8

The premier online contests for

contemporary painters and photographers

No other contests—print or online—give your paintings and photographs so much valuable exposure in so many strategically targeted locations.

Whether you are chosen to become a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award Winner, your artwork will reach a wide and receptive audience.

This is what our exposure will do for you and your art:

1 – Gold Award Winners' image is printed in a full-page ad as part of a double-spread ad in a leading art magazine reaching 85,000 readers.

2 – Gold Award Winners chosen art will be exhibited for sale during the month of September in two California art and photography galleries.

3 – All 32 winners' names are emailed to 90,000 subscribers of

online art newsletters in the US and Europe.

Give your art career a shot in the arm. 

Submit your best paintings and photographs to our contest.

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