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2014 SGC International Printmaking Conference

Registration is now open 
Bridges: Spanning Tradition, Innovation, and Activism 

2014 SGC International Printmaking Conference. 
San Francisco Bay Area March 26-29, 2014
Please visit 
for more information and to register."

As winter sets in and the academic semester draws to an end, I am writing to touch base with you and offer a gentle reminder of various calls for participation and proposals. As you read in the Fall Newsletter, SGCI will be conducting a dual phase call for proposals for the 2015 Conference, hosted by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The first deadline, January 3, 2014, is fast approaching! This initial deadline is for 90-minute panel sessions, exchange portfolios and special project/exhibition proposals. After these panel sessions, portfolios and special project/exhibitions have been selected and posted on their web site in late January, members will have until May 16, 2014 to submit proposals for conference papers, to be in a specific portfolio, to present a demo or participate in the publisher's fair. It is SGCI's hope that this multi-phase approach will encourage even greater participation by all the membership, including students.

We hope that students will take advantage of this chance to submit proposals for special projects. These proposals are similar to portfolios, but offer a chance for any student, anywhere, to participate in a print project. Projects that involve as many students as possible are especially encouraged. The University of Tennessee in Knoxville can allocate space for special projects, a wonderful opportunity for students who want to try something different, big, mobile, maybe even musical?

As an example, a fascinating collaborative project for the upcoming 2014 conference in San Francisco is the "Flying Portfolio: Printed Kites" project, discussed on the last page of the Fall Newsletter. Individual artists and university groups are invited to make prints that fly! To learn about the project and participate and you can find more information on the project Facebook page:

What special projects would you like to see at the Knoxville conference in 2015? Winter break is a great time to let your mind run wildly creative and to come up with innovative ideas. Just remember, the deadline for your proposals is only a few weeks away. I can't wait to see what you all submit!
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