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sexta-feira, 7 de março de 2014

EBABX – École d'Enseignement Supérieur d'Art de Bordeaux Master of Fine Art and Master's degree in Design, 2014–2015

EBABX – École d'Enseignement Supérieur d'Art de Bordeaux

Master of Fine Art and Master's degree in Design, 2014–2015

Equivalent Qualifications Commission 

: January 15–March 21, 2014
Application deadline for entrance exam and special admissions commissions: May 6, 2014
Entrance examination: May 20, 2014
Date of admission: October 2014

EBABX-Ecole d'Enseignement Supérieur d'Art de Bordeaux, France7 rue des Beaux-Arts
33800 Bordeaux
Master of Fine ArtThe two-year Master of Fine Art (MFA) program at the EBABX in Bordeaux, France, is defined and led by a team of international artists, writers, curators, and theorists from France and abroad. It aims at creating the conditions for the students to articulate, enact and support a position in the contemporary art field or as emerging producers in the cultural expanded field. It stimulates the articulation of practice, research, discourse, critical reflection, and socialisation in the different loci of the program: the studios, the seminars, the interdisciplinary thematic research projects, or the workshops and the exhibitions that are organized with key actors and through institutional partnerships inside and outside of the school. Central thematics of the MFA at EBABX include Publishing today; Ways of doing and thinking in the digital Era; The politics of friendship; Self-organization and the autonomy of the artist in times of economic, social, and political crisis.

Designs Mixtes/Mixed Design
Master's degree in Design
Designs Mixtes/Mixed Design trains designers in the use of interdisciplinary design practices. The program focuses on the observation of the materials, the territory, the social practices and the semiotic indexes found in various environments and processes—data which can then be visualized through graphic work, objects, or scenography. Design is considered in terms of ambiance and context. It opens up new equations, from space to environment, from object to device, from style to atmosphere.

For information and registration forms for the entrance exam:Marie-Françoise Guennoc, T +33 (0) 5 56 33 49 15 /       

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