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quarta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2013

abrigo para moradores de rua - design de Fernando Resendiz - Espanha

fernando resendiz folds cardboard into a homeless shelter
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fernando resendiz folds cardboard into a homeless shelter
fernando resendiz folds cardboard into a homeless shelterall images courtesy of fernando resendiz

easily adapted to a range of environments, the ‘homeless shelter 20/20′ designed by fernando resendiz is a cardboard blanket that can be used by people in need of temporary or emergency shelter. there are approximately 5 million people worldwide living on the street, and in natural disasters such as the earthquake in haiti roughly 3 million people were displaced, even before the earthquake 400,000 haitians were homeless. the mobile structure can be flat-packed by one person and transported around to different locations. flexible and low-cost the folding origami home is also recyclable and can be set up in an hour by anyone who needs it.

the folding structure provides an easy to install shelter for homeless people

it is flexible and adaptable to any street environment

different formations can be constructed of the cardboard shelter

the flat-packed structure ready to be transported to a different location

the cardboard blanket flat-packed, unfolding the structure and view showing the die-cut cardboard 20/20 cm

the cardboard blanket is easy to install and only costs US10

taking a nap… do not disturb

the one person homeless shelter includes space for personal belongings

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